Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Sunday!

It's a beautiful and peaceful Sunday morning in San Francisco. As I sit here at my computer station in the kitchen sipping coffee, Sugar is on the counter next to me. Little Bit has just successfully petitioned and received some Goodlife Recipe treats and Chai is relaxing in the backyard.

It's nice to have a whole day in front of me with no set plans. Oh I have plenty to do, the garden could use some tidying up and I still need to unpack from my trip to Palm Springs 3 weeks ago! Then there are wedding invitations to address and I should go over to Stonestown and pick up a gift. But I can do all of this on my own schedule.

Now it looks like nappy time for kitties is fast approaching. Little Bit is on the North perch in the living room and the Sugar is on the South side. Chai has come in from the backyard and assumed her position on the ottoman.

Happy Day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My First Blog

Welcome to my Blog. Here you can read about all of the silly and mundane things happening in my Crazy Cat Lady world.


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I live in San Francisco with my husband and our three cats Chai, Little Bit and Sugar.